Understand the standard specifications for emergency lights

2023-08-08 63

Installation height: The installation height of emergency lights is generally not less than 2.2 meters. If installed in narrow areas such as corridors, it should be installed at least 1.8 meters.

Device density: When installing an emergency light, the device density of the emergency light should be determined based on the lighting area and coverage scale of the light, ensuring that the distance between adjacent lights cannot exceed 5 meters.


Installation direction: The installation direction of emergency lights should be parallel to the direction of personnel dispersion, and should comply with the guidance of fire regulations and emergency regulations.

Installation orientation: Emergency lights should be installed in areas where trapped personnel are easily dispersed, such as exits, corridors, stairwells, etc; Together, in large areas, multiple points should be placed according to the illumination area of the light and spacing.

Article source: Zhongshan Emergency Light Www.zslema.com